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Kaukauna, WI 54130
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Fox Excavating, LLC

N2346 Maloney Rd.

Kaukauna, WI  54130

Bryan Fox Cell # (920) 810-0878

Gary Fox Cell # (920) 740-4878

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Services include:

  •  Site work
  •  Foundation excavation
  •  Installing sewer and water laterals
  •  Retention/detention ponds
  • Topsoil, fill, and aggregates
Site work consists of removing trees, topsoil, and excess dirt.  It also includes grading of parking lots and ground.
Foundation excavation requires the work of an excavator and grade person to remove the ground to the proper elevations and to assure the foundation will fit within the excavation.  It is important to “over dig” the width to allow room to poor the concrete footings, but not to “over dig” to much to require more backfill. Also an “over dig” may be required vertically if there is unsuitable soil which must be taken out and filled with proper fill materials.
Using fill is required when extra cuts are required due to unsuitable soil, or when the grade is higher than existing conditions. When filling with granular materials a smooth drum compactor is used and when using cohesive soils (clay) a sheep’s foot compactor is used.  Lifts (usually 8”) are required to ensure proper compaction throughout the entirety of the fill area.
Fox Excavating, LLC works with experienced plumbers to ensure proper installation of water and sewer laterals.  Connecting sewer and water consists of taping into the main, either in the road or terrace, or connecting to existing lines. Also, we can install on site storm laterals which drain into on site detention ponds.
Retention/detention ponds are used to hold runoff water and slowly release them into the cities storm laterals.  New building codes require retention/detention ponds to compensate for the loss of infiltration due to impermeable surfaces such as asphalt or concrete.